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North Queensland Naturalist 47 (2017): 1-5

New and important distribution records for Candalides butterflies in Australia, with observations on their biology and adult food plants


Kelvyn L. Dunn





This paper lists fourteen (14) new or important locations in Australia for six species of butterflies from the genus Candalides Hübner (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae: Polyommatinae), namely C. helenita (Shining Pencil-blue), C. cyprotus (Copper Pencil-blue), C. hyacinthina (Varied Dusky-blue), C. erinus (Small Dusky-blue),  C. delospila (Spotted Dusky-blue) and C. heathi (Rayed Blue). Notes associated with particular records provide insight into the ecological circumstances and the behaviour of the species at particular sites.

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