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An extract from NQN from 1969 - Volume 36 Number 149 featuring an article on North Queensland Coleoptera

The North Queensland Naturalist was first published in 1932 by the then newly formed North Queensland Naturalists Club (NQNC) and continued until the official closure of the club in 2002.  Started by Dr Hugo Flecker of Flecker Botanic Gardens and Box Jellyfish (Chironex fleckeri) fame, the group documented its considerable activities related to the investigation and understanding of the natural history of the far north in this journal. The Cairns Historical Society and the National Library retain copies of this highly regarded journal.


The journal underwent a number of changes over time. It was published under the name North Queensland Naturalist from 1932 to 1992, however the volume numbering was dropped in 1982. After 1992 the name was changed to 'North Queensland Naturalists Club', then in 1999 became 'North Queensland Naturalists Club Cairns: Newsletter' until the closing of the club and journal/newsletter in 2002. For the full description of the numbering and name changes read here

Many similar interest groups stemmed from the NQNC, and still persist in various guises – some of the original group still carry out field work, many Societies such as the Cape York Herpetological Society were borne out of NQNC and recently a North Queensland Natural History Group was formed. This group consists of people with a passion for the natural riches of north Queensland, ranging from interested members of the community to scientists and naturalists.


Discussions within the Natural History group focused on the need for a journal to:

• document the natural values of the area;

• to harness the large amount of observations, research and investigations taking place into the flora and fauna, natural history, conservation and land management of the region; and 

• to have the information all in one place so as to make it easier for interested parties to stay informed of work being done in the region by both amateurs and professionals.


Edition 204, July to December 1997. The name and numbering system of the journal changed in 1994.

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