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North Queensland Naturalist

Volume 50 (2020)

Plant biodiversity differences between rainforest plots in different stages of recovery in the uplands of the Wet Tropics

Marley V. Mullin, Emmanuela F. Salecki, Cherry R. Li, Anna M. Avinger, Ethan W. Landen, Jade S. Thurnham, Catherine L. Pohlman and David Y. P. Tng, pp. 25-37

Black-throated Finch habitat values promoted by patchy fire

Paul Williams, Kenneth McMahon, Eleanor Collins, Tony Grice, Amelia Mack, Lyndall Marshall and Emma Owbridge, pp. 38-43

Dusk emergence from den trees by the Wet Tropics Yellow-bellied Glider

Amanda Kaiwi, Rupert A. W. Russell, John W. Winter and Donald C. Franklin, pp. 65-72

Habitat features associated with newborn Giant Shovelnose Rays (Glaucostegus typus)

Leo C. Gaskins, Joseph P. Morton, Julianna J. Renzi, Stephanie R. Valdez and Brian R. Silliman, pp. 73-79

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