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North Queensland Naturalist

Volume 51 (2021)

Food plants of the Eungella Honeyeater (Bolemoreus hindwoodi)

A. J. Bean, D. S. Braithwaite, R. E. Braithwaite and J. T. Coleman, pp. 30-37

Revisiting history: the case of the Wet Tropics Yellow-legged Flycatcher

Elinor C. Scambler, Lloyd Nielsen and Ben J. Wallace, pp. 38-49

A South American in Australia: Wissadula contracta (Malvaceae), a distinctive adventive shrub

David Y. P. Tng, Gemma Horner and Massimo G Bovini, pp. 62-66

The unique aquatic ecosystem of Talaroo Hot Springs

Peter Negus, Jonathan C. Marshall, Alisha L. Steward, Glenn B. McGregor and Ruth O’Connor, pp. 67-86


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